23rd of December, Milab Meeting

Today we discussed our concept video, which we will present in our upcoming presentation.
We decided that the best way to show our concept would be to show the user experience in the physical place (the mall). We started brain storming about what scenario we will present and also what persona.

Here’s a sneak peek to our first storyboard draft:



We will be meeting soon to start the script and make any other changes we need to make. The script will be submitted for approval next week. Once it is approved we will start shooting.

Later, we talked about creating a landing page and creating a live demo of our running app for our final presentation. We will be starting this very soon.



Wire Frames – First three screens

We’ve been working on how the user experience will be.
These are first drafts of how the flow will be like.
The user will be able to tab into a store, see the deals, select one and either match him/her or ask to find him/her a match. After, they will add how long s/he will be at the mall and wait for a match.



We also crated our features list, which you can be found below:

Features List:

  • Create an account
    • Facebook connect
    • Email password
  • Login (should rarely be used, like for when switching phones).
    • FB connect
    • email/password
  • Menu
  • My deals
      • Shows all deals that user has clicked on
      • Shows how much time is remaining in mall (can be adjusted)
      • Shows status of each deal (pending or matched)
      • Ability to cancel deals
      • Matched deals will show the countdown screen
  • Settings/My Account :
      • Profile picture:
  • Possibility to sync with Facebook profile picture
  • Upload picture – access photos on phone
      • User Score (gamification)
        • Point system to reward users for actions such as sharing and actually splitting deals.
          • Level system to rank score (newbie -> shopping queen)
      • Invite friends
        • Facebook friends integration
        • Connect to SMS/Contacts on phone
        • Social sharing options (twitter, tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)
        • E-mail- access to contacts.


  • Discovering/Completing a deal
    • Ability to search/browse by store or category
    • Filter/tagging system for all deals
      • By product category
      • By store
      • By store category
    • Smart search that syncs with this filter system
    • Ability to see current (up to date) 1 +1 deals
    • Show 1+1 deals that are currently pending (looking for a match)
    • Ability to click on non-pending deals to request a match
      • Brings user to “request match” screen:
        • Input time remaining in mall
          • Only keeps the deal as “pending” for this time period
        • Confirmation button
          • Automatically adds a pending deal in “My deals”
          • Automatically turns deal into “pending” in listings
          • takes user to home page
    • Ability to click pending deals and complete match
      • sends other person a notification
        • Push notification
        • The profile pic of the other user
        • Time selector (“I’m on my way, see you in __ minutes)
          • syncs to countdown ticker
      • Both receive a countdown screen
        • Automatic ticker ticking down the time until the time decided in the time selector
        • show profile pic of the other
        • Cancel button
        • Shows the name of the store where the deal is
        • “I’m here” button
          • Sends notification to the other user
  • Add unlisted deal
    • text fields:
      • Product
      • Deal details (buy __ get __),
      • Store
        • Maybe sync to location – geolocation
  • Backend:
  • Database of current 1+1 deals
  • Tagging system that tags every deal as the product categories, the stores, and store categories.