December 28th – Script Writing for Video

Today some members of the team got together and finalized the concept of the video.

We agreed to skip on the animation option for now due to limited time and resources. Instead, we will shoot the actual video and portray the actual user experience when using Divvy. In the video, we will feature both types of consumers; the active and the passive. This way, we will show that Divvy genuinely understands the varying personalities of consumers, yet provides a mutual platform that the both of them can easily use.

We will walk through the process of both consumers using the app from start to finish, but in order to make it interesting and captivating, we will add our own sense of humor, light-heartedness, and fun! The video will elegantly portray the enjoyable experience one can have when using Divvy.

Utilizing voice-overs and split screen editing – this video is going to be AWESOME!

Here’s a little look at the script we are planning to use – Includes Scenes and Lines

photo 3 (3)


23rd of December, Milab Meeting

Today we discussed our concept video, which we will present in our upcoming presentation.
We decided that the best way to show our concept would be to show the user experience in the physical place (the mall). We started brain storming about what scenario we will present and also what persona.

Here’s a sneak peek to our first storyboard draft:



We will be meeting soon to start the script and make any other changes we need to make. The script will be submitted for approval next week. Once it is approved we will start shooting.

Later, we talked about creating a landing page and creating a live demo of our running app for our final presentation. We will be starting this very soon.